Our 4-Phase Impact Analytics Framework:

“Develop and analyse performance metrics for tailored impact assessment”

We have developed a distinctive four phase Impact Analytics Framework, which encompasses (i) assessment, (ii) monitoring, (iii) valuation, and (iv) evaluation. Our impact analytics framework incorporates measurement of selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as market indices, which are benchmarked to global best practice standards such as IRIS+, T-100, SDG Compass, and PRI.

  • Asses expected impacts
  • Setting Organisational Impact Goals
  • Indetifying KPIs and Impact Metrcis 
  • Monitoring the progress
  • Tracking selected market indices
  • Integrating financial metrics
  • Monetize programs impacts or investment
  • Report outcomes
  • Verify reported impacts
  • Ensuring accountability

International Standards We Follow:

  • Operating Principles for Impact Management (by IFC)
  • Principles for Responsible Investment-PRI (by UN)
  • SDG Compass (by UN)
  • IRIS+ (by GIIN)
  • T-100 (by TONIIC)
  • GIIRS Ratings & Analytics for Impact Investing (by B-Analytics)