The conventional methods are effective in many ways but there has been always a gap between the numbers and the real behind the scenes stories. When you wake up every morning, what really drives your motivation sits in the middle of the stories. We cover from each angle to tell the impactful meaning of your journey. The human side of businesses are often an overlooked fact to give the full picture. We believe growth comes from people not from numbers by itself and our real passion is to cover stories of businesses, which has real concerns about the increasing social and environmental problems of our planet earth. If your business can communicate in the right direction, connecting the dots between numbers and stories and inspire other people, It will lead initiatives, who share similar concerns that will lead to more considerate, strategic and impactful businesses. As a consequence, the whole ecosystem will evolve into more sustainable growth.

  • Field visit
  • Observe the change
  • Interview with the beneficiaries
  • Visualise the impact analytics
  • Collect the impact stories
  • Reveal the success stories
  • Write a simple, focused and compelling storyline
  • Create audio, visual and written stories for digital mediums such as: social media floods, blogs, podcasts, video, documentary
  • Develop communication strategy
  • Build the community
  • Distribution